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Certificate HACCP

Dairy Ice Cream & Frozen Foods Pvt. Lt.d (DIFF) is committed to assure greater food safety using high-quality manufacturing practices. In order to provide sustained assurance with respect to the food safety and quality, DIFF has implemented HACCP system at their facility.

At DIFF, the HACCP system has been formulated and effectively implemented in coordination with the required prerequisite programs. The company regularly carries out evaluation and audits the facility.

The HACCP system adopted at DIFF follows the guidelines laid down by Codex in the form of seven principles, twelve application steps & requirements for a HACCP based food system, by National Board of Experts, Netherlands.

At DIFF, ensuring food safety and quality is pivotal. DIFF recognizes and adheres to HACCP system elements such as product information, process information, hazards, risk and control measures, critical control points, standards and critical parameters, monitoring of critical process limits, corrective actions, verification and documentation in the production of ice cream & frozen desserts.

All manufacturing processes such as blending, pasteurization, homogenization, ageing, freezing, packaging and hardening form the integral scope of HACCP system.

At DIFF, we understand and acknowledge that food safety is our primary responsibility which has evolved the Quality & Food Safety Policy.



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